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Atelier 72  -   multidisciplinary atelier focusing on contemporary objects and interior architecture

Information: info@a72.be | mobile +32 486 72 26 64 • B-1070 Brussels | +32 497 88 92 88 • B-9050 Gent

What we do
We Mainly design bathrooms. In our vision a bathroom is a volume performed in a uniform material such as tadelakt (limestone) and cement bounded materials (Beton Ciré, Beton Coulé). Besides bathrooms our range of interests goes to all kind of projects what embodies our vision in art, interiourdesign and furniture. We stand for quality and ingenuity, contemporary style, challenge, comfort, creativity, a high level of finish and an open and professional approach.

Trazzo is our newest product
Last but not least we are proud to present our newest product: a floorsystem that listens to the name Trazzo which we have developed based on the traditional terrazzo but with a highly contemporary look. See for yourselve and visit the Trazzo-page.

About A72
Atelier72 is created by Bram Masselis and Wim Coucke.
After graduating in ’98 they made various projects and learned their skills in interiourdesign and artworks.
Since 2009 they form A72.

Bathroom | Muziekbos
Total Project: design, construction, hardwood and tadelakt finish. see more
Floor | PoinCaré
6mm polished Trazzo in furnished room, the wooden object remained on the spot. see more
Prototypes, Poch001 & Barok | Exposition
Poch001: Design and implementation of a table with ceramic top layer, the structure consists of a cellular synthetic resin.
Barok: Multifunctional object, finished in tadelakt.
see more
Bathroom | Xl

Construction and finish, the top layer consists of acement bounded product based on waterborne acrylic resin, silica sand, quartz powder and lime. Typically its color is gray, from the innate color of most Portland cement, but white Portland cement is also used. Color comes from the aggregate or any added pigment that offer a wide range of tones that can be mixed integrally in the finish coat.

Lions | Kortrijk
restauration of original sculptures, making moulds and pouring synthetic resin replicas see more
Hammam | Sprimont
Application of waterproof layer, finishing with tadelakt.